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10 modern designs and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom

10 modern designs and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom

«Small details make the difference.» This phrase that you have heard many times, I can assure you, as an interior designer, that there is nothing more true in this area.

I have seen projects pampered by the fact that I do not care about these small details. Just as we have seen that making small changes and taking care of small details have achieved spectacular results.

In a bathroom, this becomes even more important, because there are many small details that have a great relevance, beyond the covering with walls or floors and sanitary ware, such as faucets, countertops or, especially, the sink.

These little accessories make the difference between a normal bath or a spectacular bath. That’s why we have prepared 10 modern and customizable design sinks, so you can choose the perfect sink to finish your bathroom. We will see them and I will tell you about their characteristics and nuances.

ZenPlus washbasin

A beautiful sink on the counter, with a modern design, which just looking at it, the words are useless.

Cropped asymmetrically, it can create a classy note and a focal point in any bathroom, be it Nordic style, such a cutting-edge style nowadays, as well as any other style.

And not only for its innovative design, because as I said before, these sinks we have prepared can also be customized to fit your bathroom and choose them in two colors.

That is, inside the sink in pure white and outside, available in up to 10 available RAL colors that we see below:

RAL colors for designer washbasins

Thus, if you want to add a touch of color to the bathroom, for example, in the elegant Pink Mink, you would have a sink as beautiful as you can see below:

ZenPlus Mink Pink design washbasin

Don’t tell me he has no personality. This is a bathroom with all the neat details.

This washbasin is from Mundilite and you can see more information by clicking here.

Let’s look at another model.

OvulaPlus washbasin

OvulaPlus design washbasin

Inspired by the linear and continuous path of a drop of water, this is a sink with a great personality that will make the difference between a normal bathroom and a designer bathroom with character.

This washbasin can be found not only suspended, but also recessed if you prefer or need a countertop furniture in the bathroom.

In addition, although in the image we see the large format, 2 meters wide, it is also available in other smaller sizes to be able to adapt it to smaller bathrooms.

Like all the sinks we see and will see, it is made with SurfacePlus, a classic material already in the design of these elements due to its high resistance to water and chemicals, as well as its durability and soft touch and pleasant of its surface that imitates natural stone.

It is from Mundilite and you can see more details on their website.

Let’s look at another modern design sink.

Amuriplus countertop sink

Amuriplus design washbasin

Another precious model of countertop washbasin that we can use to give the bathroom character and personality taking care of the small details is the AmuriPlus washbasin that we see above these lines, on a modern industrial furniture.

As you can see, these modern sinks work well in any decorative style, even if it is as strong and characteristic as the industrial or the popular Nordic as we see below, among others:

Amuriplus design washbasin

It has a spherical shape, with straight lines and a design that resembles a contemporary minimalist work.

Like the previous model, it is also available in two colors, being able to choose between 10 colors to modify and customize its exterior, although I must admit that in pure white it is a spectacular washbasin.

It is from Mundilite and you can see more details about this washbasin by clicking here.

Let’s continue with another design washbasin:

DeltaPlus washbasin

I must admit that this sink is not for everyone, because it has a lot of personality, but if you read me regularly, you will know that I have a passion for cats and that I live with a beautiful white Persian, which is the joy of home.

That’s why I couldn’t help but introduce you to this other model of design washbasin, because it can create a very original space and because I love it.

In addition, it is not only available on the counter, we can also find it in other formats, such as suspended or built-in, as we see below, in addition to and in 10 possible colors for its exterior.

DeltaPlus Cat sink

It is also from Mundilite and you can see more details on their website.

Let’s move on to another.

NúiPlus countertop sink

NúiPlus design sink

If you are looking for a character washbasin that stands out and has an impact, the NúiPlus we see above these lines is the perfect washbasin for your bathroom.

A large, deep basin, reminiscent of a vase with a minimalist design.

In addition, this model can be ordered in another color, within the 10 RAL colors we saw before, to give it even more personality or to highlight it even more if it fits in the bathroom. . A beautiful sink.

It also belongs to the Mundilite brand and you can see all the information and data sheet on its website, here.

Let’s look at another sink.

NoxPlus sink

NoxPlus design sink

The front sink is one of my favorites, but it is true that for some people it can be excessively high, because the bathrooms that most mortals have are quite small.

That is why we selected the design pool that we see above these lines, because it is also a sculptural pool, deep and precious, but not so excessive in height, making its integration in traditional bathrooms more acceptable.

Despite the fact that it is a large sink, its minimalist cut makes it perfect for small spaces where even the visual weight of each element must be measured and contemplated.

Like the rest of the sinks we look at, it can also be purchased in two colors, with the interior in pure white and the exterior in one of the 10 RAL colors, as well as in the subtle and elegant cream color that we see below. :

Modern design washbasin NoxPlus in cream color

This washbasin also belongs to Mundilite and you can see all the details on their website, here.

Let’s look at the next sink of modern design, which is gorgeous.

AmeliPlus washbasin

Ameliplus modern design washbasin

One of the most elegant sinks we will see. It has a beautiful subtle, modern and asymmetrical design, with which we can put a note of art, as if it were an artistic ceramic piece on the bathroom counter.

It measures generously 55 cm wide x 38 cm deep, but without being excessive, which makes it perfect for small bathrooms, putting a decorative and practical accent among the most attractive.

In addition, if you like this washbasin with a modern design, but you are not interested in the countertop format as we see above these paragraphs, we can also find it available in embedded format, as we see below:

Built-in washbasin of modern design ameliplus

In this format, the washbasin integrates perfectly with the furniture, leaving a more refined and minimalist result, with a lower visual weight.

We can also find it in a countertop format, as we see below:

AmeliPlus design washbasin

In this format, as in the previously built-in one, both single and double sinks are available for bathrooms where two sinks are required.

It is also available in other colors, within the 10 RAL we see, to be able to choose the color that best suits the style and aesthetics of our bathroom, such as the always elegant and timeless black color, which a see below:

Black modern design washbasin

It is also from Mundilite and here you can see all its features and options.

Let’s move on to the following sink:

LevelPlus sink

Washbasin with modern LevelPlus design

It is a sink with an innovative design and a lot of personality, you just have to see it to know that what I say is true.

A generously sized washbasin that extends to a higher level to provide space for the washbasin countertop.

Although the grace and peculiarity of this washbasin is precisely in that long extension at a higher level, we can also find it in a smaller size that adapts to bathrooms with space problems, as we see below:

Washbasin with modern LevelPlus design

Although the extension is minimal, it still has enough extension to have its own style and to give the bathroom a modern design accent.

Also from Mundilite, you can see all the details on his website.

AruPlus design washbasin

AruPlus modern design washbasin

For some time now, bowl-type sinks have gained a lot of popularity. Not for less, because its aesthetics make the sink area look beautiful.

Thus, in this list of modern sinks could not miss a sink with these characteristics, such as the AruPlus model that we see above these paragraphs.

It is a simple, beautiful washbasin, conical in shape and with ultra-refined lines, making the sink mix with any environment.

The model that attracts me the most is the standard in pure immaculate white, but if you want to add a touch of color, you can order it in one of the other 10 RAL colors.

From Mundilite, you can see all the information here.

Let’s look at the next model.

EkavipPlus washbasin

Built-in washbasin with modern EkavipPlus design

When it comes to pool formats, we usually have the built-in pool, countertop pool or countertop pool, right?

Well, this model combines two formats to meet the requirements of those who want a built-in sink, but with volume and more presence.

Thus, in addition to its circular, modern and minimalist shape, this washbasin protrudes a few inches from the countertop, giving the whole set a special design accent.

This model can be found or ordered in other sizes than standard, if desired, but is only available in pure white, as we see in the image above.

Another model of the Mundilite brand that you can know all the details by clicking here.

As you can see and as I said at the beginning, the small details will make your bathroom stand out and get the name «design». And, despite the fact that the sink is one of the main protagonists and resources we have to achieve this, we must also take into account the taps with which it is accompanied. But I’ll tell you that in another article soon.

Which one did you like the most? I read you in the comments.

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