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10 Advertising APIs

10 Advertising APIs

Online advertising of a product or service can be a difficult task for marketers. It can be difficult to manage all your campaigns and set up ads manually. But ad platforms often offer APIs to automate many of these workflows.

These ad APIs can perform features such as ad campaign setup, real-time reporting, and more to increase automation and reduce manual tasks. Below, we review some of the top advertising APIs.

Facebook ads

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world. Because most people use Facebook, more and more advertisers are using Facebook to promote their products or services. The Facebook Marketing API allows developers programmatic access to the Facebook advertising platform. With this Facebook API, you can generate keywords, access audience management features and perspectives, create performance reports, and more.

The Facebook Marketing API also lets you create, edit, pause, and start campaigns, ads, and ad sets. The API can return real-time reports, including data such as impressions, expenses, clicks, age, gender, event tracking, and more. It also allows advertisers to send web events such as clicks or form add-ons directly to Facebook servers using the API.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy performance tracking.
  • It can be easily addressed to customers.


  • Some values ​​are expressed incorrectly.

Amazon advertising API

The Amazon Advertising API is another marketing tool that allows you to take advantage of powerful Amazon technologies to create applications that can sell Amazon products. Developers can use this API to download product details to promote products and earn money as an Amazon affiliate. With the Amazon Advertising API, you can programmatically access sales items, as well as reviews and seller information.


  • Secure, scalable and robust services.
  • Easy to use.


  • You need better documentation.

Google Ads Manager

Google Ad Manager is a simple but powerful platform for increasing advertising revenue. In any field, an ad manager will help you run your advertising business and increase sales. With Google Ad Manager, you can manage your sales, web, and application inventory in one place. It is a complete ad management platform for advertisers that aims to facilitate ad serving, content reporting and distribution.


  • Provides all data and reports in detail.
  • Easy to configure.
  • You can target specific fields or sectors.


  • It requires a lot of skill and knowledge.
  • Poor customer service.

Google Ads

Google Adwords is still one of the best APIs you can use. Help developers build applications for their Google Ads accounts. The API allows you to manage and view large-scale advertising campaigns. With the Google Adwords API, keywords and ad text, landing pages, account management, and custom reports can be automatically generated to track your ad results.

In addition, you can compile your Google Ads information for use in other systems, such as inventory, produce daily reports, and change your campaign based on volume. These APIs are a useful option for marketers with technical skills, such as a developer or a programmer.


  • Full control over your ads
  • You can measure the performance of your ads.
  • Flexible price plans.
  • Help a large audience.


  • Keywords must be specific.
  • Requires technical knowledge and skills.
  • Poor customer service experience.


The interactive advertising office, popularly known as the IAB, is an agency that works with publishers to promote the development of online advertising. As an agency of the advertising technology industry, it develops criteria and guidelines for the proper functioning of the industry.


  • Cheap
  • You can target geo-targeting.
  • Constant exposure. is one of the most important advertising technology companies whose goal is to provide digital publishers with monetization resources. It pays you based on the impressions you make. As demands superior quality, publishers are more likely to benefit from relevant traffic.

API supports data reporting and ad campaign setup on your platform. The reported data is real-time, so you don’t have to wait for the data. While advertisers can automate their ads using the API.


  • Easy to use and easy to use.
  • Show only contextual ads.
  • Amazing user interface.
  • Totally free.


  • Income is not updated in real time.
  • No page level reporting.

Claim Apple Search

Apple Search Ads is still one of the best advertising APIs for marketers and advertisers. Show ads at the top of search results in the app store. It is the only platform that allows you to run campaigns directly in the App Store.

With Apple’s Search Ads API, you can create ad groups with keywords, budgets, daily limits, limits, and more. It offers two versions which are Apple Search Ads Basic and Apple Search Ads Advanced. As the name suggests, it has limited options, which are simple and easy to use, while the advanced version includes more options, detailed parameters, etc.


  • Easy to use.
  • The best performance.
  • High security.


  • UI is not that easy to use.
  • Scalability issues.

Microsoft Advertising API

Microsoft Bing offers an advertising service that displays keyword-based ads that users type in the search engine. Microsoft Advertising has various tools such as Keyword Planner, Ad Preview, Microsoft Ad Editor, and many more that can help you plan and create your ad. Microsoft Ads allows you to target specific audiences and specific times and days of the week. It also allows you to make changes offline and then sync them later.


  • Flexible ad formats.
  • You can easily monitor the performance of your ads.
  • Easy-to-use ad management tool.
  • Easy to use.


  • Lack of scalability.
  • Reduced search volume.
  • Poor customer service.

Linkedin marketing API

Like other marketing APIs, the LinkedIn Marketing API also allows you to automate all your marketing tasks using the LinkedIn platform API. It allows you to create and manage ads, generate leads, manage your community, and generate ad reports. The API is easy to use and allows you to target certain audiences. For example, you can target an audience that only has a bachelor’s degree in a particular area.


  • Easy to use
  • The reports are very descriptive


  • The API is not available to everyone
  • It’s pretty restrictive

API Prebid

Prebid is an open source technology used in the advertising world for Header Bidding. It is a powerful tool used by website and app owners to increase their advertising revenue. The API allows publishers to work with multiple advertisers and host bids for ads on their platform. Whoever has the highest bid wins the auction, which also increases advertising revenue for publishers.


  • Helps increase publisher revenue


  • It is difficult to implement and requires a lot of experience in advertising and title offerings.

Honorable mentions

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The last words

In this article, we’ve covered some of the most popular APIs in the advertising world. Experienced advertisers could use these APIs to automate campaigns, get reports, manage assets, and more. With these advertising APIs, marketing teams could achieve a lot, while reducing time.