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🥇 Where to buy cheap cell phones Christmas 2020 🥇 CHILE

There is about a month left until Christmas and many people are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one. With the advancement of technology, most people prefer to give away gift phones, because with them it is possible to perform a lot of tasks without having to buy additional devices. With this, you can browse the Internet, listen to music, watch videos, take photos, record other tools that were not possible in previous decades. In Chile, children aged 3 and over are already starting to use a mobile device to play educational games or review cartoon videos.

Buy cheap mobile phones for Christmas 2020

Whatever your reason for giving a mobile phone as a gift, in this article, we have created a complete guide where to buy cheap mobile phones for christmas 2020 in Chile and surprise your loved ones with a practical gift, safe to use and adapted to the needs of users.

Christmas 2020 mobile phone deals

Alternative 1: abcdinWhen it comes to smartphones, electro and white products, abcdin is an excellent alternative. So far, it has several offers of mobile devices of various ranges that you can buy at really affordable prices. Here are some offers you can get from abcdin to buy mobile phones.

Model Price
Huawei Y5 Neo 16 GB $ 75,000
Samsung Galaxy A01 $ 95,000
Samsung Galaxy A11 $ 125,000
Huawei Y6 $ 120,000
Huawei P Smart $ 150,000
Huawei Y9 $ 200,000
Date of consultation: 21.11.2020

Some offers may include gift accessories. Before the arrival of December, it is recommended to check the prices directly on the site. If you want to avoid congestion when you go to a physical store, it is recommended to buy online and in advance.

Christmas 2020 mobile phone deals

Alternative 2: Falabella prepaid equipmentAnother alternative you can consider are the smartphones that Falabella offers and the discounts that you can make with a CMR card. Before Christmas, the store launched various offers on mobile devices that, no doubt, may interest you. Among the most striking are:

Model Price
Samsung Galaxy A01 $ 80,000
Nokia 2.3 $ 90,000
Xiaomi Redmi 9A $ 100,000
Samsung Galaxy A11 $ 120,000
Xiami Redmi 8 $ 130,000
Moto G9 Play $ 150,000
Date of consultation: 21.11.2020

Alternative 3: It is not a physical or online store, but rather corresponds to a price comparator of a product sold in Chile, presenting the lowest price to the highest updated per day. If you are considering a model, all you have to do is go to and search for the product (for example iPhone X). Once they have done so, all the products associated with the search will be found, displaying their prices, store and price variations over a period of time.

Alternative 4: Expo Falabella WineryIn the wineries Outlet Expo Falabella offers daily offers of electro products, presentation products and telephony. As for the latter, you can find various devices Open box and reconditioned at much lower prices than the devices. The best thing about this is that you can review the product and check its operation without obligation. In previous Christmases, several people commented on the excellent prices and products that Outlet Falabella offers with 50% of the initial value. Most of the devices sold correspond to the medium and low range of Android.

What is your address ?Av. Concha Y Toro 1477, Puente Alto, Metropolitan Region.

That’s all. Now that you know some shopping places to buy cheap mobile phones for Christmas 2020 in Chile. What do you think about? Do you have any questions or concerns? If you wish, you can leave a comment in the section below.