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🥇 Samsung A20 stays on the logo and stops 【SOLUTION】

Samsung Galaxy A20 It is one of the most purchased and used mid-range devices in recent times in Latin America. Despite the fact that it is a device with excellent technical characteristics, it is very likely that it will be subject to malfunctions like any mobile device and one of the most typical is that it remains stuck on the logo or restarts constantly. These failures are caused by minor damage to the firmware that causes a startup loop, preventing it from starting properly. To fix the problem, simply reinstall the file Firmware using one of the intermittent programs available for the brand (in this case Odin). If you want to know in detail how to fix Samsung A20 stays on the logo and stops.


    • First, you need to download the device firmware. To do this, go Settings> About phone and find your model. Once you’re done, all you have to do is download the firmware directly in SAMMOBILE.
    • Download the tool Odin and install it on your Windows computer. It is very important that you perform this procedure exclusively on a Windows computer, as the tool is not compatible with Linux or MacOS.
    • Go to Settings> Developer Options> Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking. If the developer options are not enabled, then you will need to enable them in Settings> About device> Tap the Build number 5-6 times in a row.

Once these issues are considered, they will need to follow the steps below:

  1. First, stop Samsung Galaxy A20 and put it in download mode. To do this, simply select the volume down button + power button for 3 seconds. When you do this, a warning message will appear indicating that they will enter download mode. Here, just confirm with the volume button.

    Samsung Galaxy A20 restarts constantly

  2. Now, go to your Windows computer and then run Odin. Here, you will be asked to connect your Android device via USB cable. After connecting it, they will have to wait for the device to be recognized. Then he will show them a message that says Added!. In the left window, you will see all the logs about the Flash process.
  3. Now you need to upload the firmware files obtained from Sammobile. Each of these files has the initials of the upload buttons shown in the following image. Therefore, you will have no problem identifying the files that correspond to each field:

  4. Go to the Options section (located on the left and then check Auto-Reboot and F. Reset Time) Once all the files are loaded, all you have to do is press the Start option. Then wait until the procedure is complete.
  5. Ready! When the procedure is complete, the device will restart automatically and Odin will display a message saying Go! When it does, wait for the procedure to start again.

That’s all. Once the procedure is completed, the device will be in the factory condition and will not restart or lock on the logo. After all, do you have any doubts? If you need help, you can leave a comment in the section below.