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🥇 Recover deleted WhatsApp on PC 2021

Deleted WhatsApp files can be recovered without any problem thanks to the help of various tools. One of the applications that users have used the most to recover WhatsApp files on Android is WhatsDelete, which allows a quick recovery of files, deleted messages and more. What many don’t know is that this tool is also available for Windows and Mac computers, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to information retrieval. If you want to know how recover deleted WhatsApp on PC 2021, then keep reading because we’ll show you everything you need to do it.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages from your PC

Is there a WhatsDelete installed on your computer?For both Windows and Mac, there are no deleted applications, as they only act as a kind of distribution of the WhatsApp application on your mobile device. This means that all files and messages will go through the application before the computer. However, if you have everything installed on a computer through an emulator like that Bluestacks, then you can simplify the process and get a quick and easy recovery. All this can be done by following the steps below:

  1. First, you will need to download Bluestacks from your computer. I can do it directly in
  2. Once you select download, the installer for your operating system will automatically start downloading.
  3. Select the installer to install on your computer. This process may take a few minutes, so you will need to maintain your internet connection at all times.
  4. Once Bluestacks is installed, you will have to wait another 5 minutes for it to install all its dependencies.
  5. When you start Bluestacks, a screen very similar to that of an Android device will appear. Here they will simply need to open the Google Play Store and enter a Gmail email. By doing so, they will be activated to download applications.
  6. Now, you should open Google Play and search for WhatsDelete. If you view this article from Bluestacks, you can get the app from the following instance:

    Download WhatsDelete for PC

  7. Now all you have to do is download WhatsApp. This is important because without it the content cannot be recovered. You should consider activating the application, ie performing the same WhatsApp installation process as on a mobile device or tablet.

    How to recover WhatsApp files from PC

  8. Once the app is downloaded, all you have to do is open WhatsDelete to find all the deleted content lately.

That’s all. This is the only way to recover deleted WhatsApp information on PC. After all, do you have any questions or concerns? If you need help, you can leave a comment in the section below.