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🥇 How to get a CHASSIS OR WINE NUMBER in Chile 2021

CHASSIS number, known worldwide as VIN (acronym for Registration number) in order to identify engines of any type to associate them with the model of a vehicle. In Chile, the chassis number is widely used, especially when performing registration procedures or purchasing spare parts in different locations in Chile. With this, it is possible to obtain technical information in various international databases or computer systems to identify spare parts and technical parts of the vehicle. Whatever your goal is to obtain the VIN number or chassis number of a vehicle, we have prepared this guide that will allow you to obtain this information using the license plate of a car or motorcycle quickly and efficiently. To do this, use the Chile Patent Search app, which is available for free in the Google Play Store and App Gallery.

See VIN Chile

Steps to get the VIN of a 2021 car

  1. As mentioned in the prologue to this article, in order to obtain the VIN code of a car with a license plate, it is necessary to download the Search Patents Chile application. This application, in addition to being free, is updated with patents from vehicles of the year 2021, so it’s pretty effective. To download it, go to the Play Store or Application Gallery and search Search for Chile patents (with a Chilean patent logo).

    Check the chassis and engine number

  2. Once the app is downloaded, all you have to do is open it to find all the app options. Select the menu and then Find cars (to search for any type of vehicle except motorcycles) or search for motorcycles to search for motorcycles and scooters. Then you have to enter the patent of the vehicle you want to consult.
  3. Ready! At the time of the consultation, all the owner’s information, model information, chassis number and engine number will appear.

    Chassis number per patent

  4. Ready! This is how you get the chassis number of a car in Chile. If you’re looking for other vehicle information, such as Auction, you can do so in the «Auction Search» section at the top right of the screen. The patent and the option must also be entered in the case of a vehicle or a motorcycle.

That’s all. With these simple steps you will be able to eliminate chassis number of a car in Chile 2020. After all, do you have any doubts or questions? If you wish, you can leave a comment in the section below.