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Call of Duty Mobile It was one of the most popular games today, so much so that various regions of the world play it daily. As in any game, COD Mobile has experienced players and novice players (commonly known as noobs) looking for various tricks to play in the best way every day. If you want to be a PRO in Call Of Duty Mobile on your Android or iPhone, then keep reading because we put together this complete guide on how to be a professional in Call Of Duty Mobile 2021.

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1. The practice is perfectAs some say «Practice makes perfect» and it is very true. Before applying any kind of work, practice a lot. If you usually play 1 hour a day, try playing 2-3 hours a day and adopt comfortable playing positions (remember that not all players play the same way). This is recommended for anyone who is new to shooting games (FPS) or Battle Royale, as the commands and tactics often vary and it is advisable to adopt a comfortable and efficient way to play games. However, a common thing that most of these games have is the ability to play offline with Bots in different difficulties, to practice and get certain game habits.

When you open COD Mobile for the first time, it will be the situation where your mind will not be ready to play a game with difficulty or a ranked game, in fact, it is very likely that even at the low level (known as casual) you will not could achieve good performance. Therefore, it is very important to train your mind and be prepared to play with other players online. A good tip would also be to warm up with the robots before a game so that you can study some moves that may be essential to a real game.

How to be a professional in Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale

2. Pre-purposePre-targeting is one of the tactics applied by some players, which will allow them to be more assertive when shooting. The trick is to place the target in a certain place where an enemy could appear or in a place where it could be hidden. In this way, the reaction time will be much shorter. The previous goal is when you move your sight to a certain place where an enemy can leave. This may seem easy to understand to you, but in the game you will most likely forget certain things. Keep in mind that pre-targeting or pre-targeting will help you stay alert so you don’t lose focus. In addition, it is very important to work peripherally; for example, if you point to the side, you should be aware of any movement around you and act immediately.

3. Adjust the sensitivityMany novice users make the mistake of working on high sensitivities when testing the game for the first time. This will cause you to lose control of your weapon or make sudden moves as you try to fix your vision on the enemy. We are not saying that high sensitivity play is bad, but that it can be uncomfortable when we try to get used to the game. The best advice for this case and in all other FPS games is to adjust the sensitivity to a point that can manipulate the weapon and navigate the map in an agile and efficient way. Practice various sensitivity settings with robots, this way you will be ready to play against other online players.

Cheats COD Mobile 2021

4. You know how to collectAs in Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS GO), many users have reported that the photos they take are not okay. All this is because the setback is calculated by the server based on its Ping, so it is very important to maintain a stable Internet connection to take more efficient photos. However, a widely used technique in other FPS games, such as CS: GO and CS 1.6, is Recolear, meaning it retains the recoil or effect of the weapon generated when you shoot. As you shoot, try to slide slightly down or in circles so that you don’t miss the target. This will help you take effective photos and not lose sight of the enemy, causing much more damage than shooting into the air.

5. You know how to hideCamping is unethical in COD Mobile, but it is good to know how to take refuge in a confrontation or wait for the enemy. When you take refuge, try to have a view that can contemplate other points where it could be your enemy. If you hide behind a tree and have no view of the map to target the enemy, what is it for? Therefore, it is recommended to hide in a place where you appreciate different angles for shooting.

That’s all. Now that you know the main thing tips in order to be PRO in COD Mobile 2021 on both Android and iOS. What do you think? Do you have any questions or concerns? If you wish, you can leave a comment in the section below.