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▷ Where you can buy or sell your Score Match account 🥇

Match score It is one of the most used online games today and it is all due to its particular way of playing. Unlike other football games, this is a PVP football game, which means you can constantly challenge various users. Each of the users has the peculiarity of assembling their own team with different teams and players with surprising skills. Players possess various qualities and abilities, which makes it useful to complement them with others, and it is even possible to recruit captains from other teams to include in your own in exchange for a bonus from Bux. All these features make Score Match a fun game to choose from.

Buy the Match Match account

Many users who have players, formations and gold medals you win at events, are looking for a way to sell their accounts to users who really need it. As in other games (As Free fire, Clash Royale and others), the account is connected to a Facebook account, so you’ll need to go to that account in order to play Score Match on your device. game skills. If you are looking where to buy or sell your Score Match account, then you have come to the right place. Read on for all the details on how to sell or buy a Score Match account.

Match Account Sale Score

Alternative 1: FacebookFacebook has distributed the game’s main social network and hosts a hundred groups dedicated to Score Match players, which will allow you to make changes of captain, matches and even sales of game accounts. If you are going to sell, you can use the Facebook group and post all the details of the account you are selling. Here are some tips to get a larger audience for your publication:

  • Details number of players Max
  • Show screenshots of your players and events won
  • Show screenshots of how many games you’ve played
  • How many super players do you have (if they are at Max or level 9, add points).
  • Photo of the unlocked formations.
  • How much Bux do you own (If you own a large amount, this will get the public’s attention.)
  • How many precious stones he has

After posting, please wait for messages from interested users. Make sure you post in the global Score Match groups and in English so that everyone else can easily understand.

Sales score account

Method 2: WhatsApp groupsFrom time to time, Score Match players organize various friendly competitions to spend time and do it on WhatsApp, because they can have a direct conversation with users. You can enter to join these leagues and post sales of your account in the past to see if anyone is interested.

Method 3: In this articleIf you are interested in publishing your account in other media, you can do so in the comments below. This way, other users will be able to see the post and contact you. For more details, you can add your Facebook account or phone number so other users can see for themselves.

That’s all! Now that you know where to buy or sell your Score Match account. What do you think? Do you have any questions or concerns? If you wish, you can leave a comment in the section below.