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▷ What is the cost of studying at Yale University? 【2021】

▷ What is the cost of studying at Yale University?  【2021】

Yale has educated five American presidents: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, Gerald Ford and William Howard Taftas well as the actress Meryl Streep.

Yale University is a private institution founded in 1701 and is also a member of the prestigious Ivy League, the group of the most famous higher education institutions in the United States.

Yale University is one of the institutions in Ivy League with more applications for students, though studying for a degree costs more than $ 70,000 a year.

It is located in The new heaven, Connecticut, and is the third oldest university in the United States. Its graduates and researchers excel in social sciences, history, engineering and cultural studies.

One of the strengths of Yale is that students first go through a liberal arts curriculum and then specialize in their field of interest.

Students who want to enter Yale University They must apply before 1 January each year, with an advance application before 1 November. However, the institution has an acceptance rate of 7%.


Yale is the «College», Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and 12 vocational schools. Included in vocational schools:

one. Law School

Two. Administration school

3. Faculty of Medicine

4. Art school

5. Nursing school

6. Theater school

7. School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

8. School of Divinity


Tuition fees for the 2019-2020 school year are priced at $ 55,570, according to the institution’s official website.

Registration: $ 55,570.

Accommodation: $ 9,400.

Counseling fee: $ 7,200.

Books and personal expenses: $ 3,700.

Insurance and medical services at Harvard Hospital: $ 2,450.

Activity fees for students: $ 125.

Approximate annual cost: $ 78,375.

Yale University

provides financial assistance to students who need it, after calculating the needs of each family and the contribution they can make.


Despite the high requirements to enter Yale and the high price of tuition, scholarships are awarded to foreign students who can cover all expenses.

These scholarships are mainly based on the financial needs of the student, as you could read above and are granted according to the salaries of the student’s relatives.

However, there are other types of scholarships based on academic and sports merit.
Specifically, these scholarships are 3:

Sports scholarships,
awarded to outstanding foreign students in any sport.

Academic scholarships, awarded to students who excel in academic matters.

International scholarships, granted to foreign students.

Thanks to these scholarships, you will be able to finance your studies at Yale University.

And you? Are you ready to be part of this illustrious university?