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▷ What is Cuballama?

▷ What is Cuballama?

Cuballama is a leading company in communication with Cuba, with the most competitive rates on the market: lcalls to Cuba, recharges in Cuba, Nauta recharges, SMS to and from Cuba, US shipments, flights to Cuba, car rentals, vacation packages and much more.

Cuballama is back in Cuba

Recharges in Cuba are the way to pay for the mobile phone service of your family and friends on the island abroad. With Cuballama you can recharge from any country in the world. Send reloads to Cuba from Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and more. For your convenience, we have cash or prepaid cards in several Latin American countries.

Cuballama is the number one recharge company in Cuba and the one most Cubans trust, because it guarantees you 100% recharge of your mobile phone and your money.

With Cuballama, your family member in Cuba or at any of the destinations covered by the company, you receive recharging immediately, on any day of the year and at any time of the day. In addition, Cuballama offers you the best rates for the following products:

one. Recharging your mobile phone in Cuba; Cubacel filling.

Two. Recharging your prepaid mobile phone; Recharging your mobile phone in the US and international phones. (Available prepaid operators are at:

How to recharge mobile phones with Cuballama?

Reloading in Cuba, reloading your prepaid plan in the US or worldwide with Cuballama is very easy, Cuballama top-ups are paid in advance using a debit or credit card in three very simple ways:

one. Recharge Cuba and the world from the Cuballama mobile app, available in the App Store for Iphone and Google Play for Android.

Two. Reload Cuba and the World online from the website:

3. Reload in Cuba and around the world from Florida Cuballama stores (if you are looking for more information about the exact location of the stores, you can find it on their website).

Cuballama application

With almost one million satisfied users and years of operation, Cuballama offers through its mobile application for iPhone and Android, the easiest way to recharge Cubacel from Cuba, a recharge in Cuba or to recharge any prepaid international operator.

Just go to the App Store for Iphone and Google Play for Android, download the app and send money to your family or friends’ mobile phones from the comfort of your mobile phone. In addition, you can send free text messages (SMS) to everyone every day.

The application is available in Spanish and English.

Cuballama shipping

Isn’t it easy to give Cuba a gift?

Buy online and deliver to Cuba!

Cuballama transportation is Online shop which allows you to send your gifts to Cuba from anywhere in the world and, best of all, you no longer have to worry about finding out what can and cannot be sent, because Cuballama did it for you!

You can choose from a selection of items divided into categories and brands, always with the best value for money and shipping cost included. Also, there is a section with the best deals for home appliances, household items and many other products.

Why choose Cuballama deliveries?

Because everything is an advantage!

The smart platform will advise you in the buying process so you comply with all customs regulations and your Cuban family member pays the minimum taxes.

Cuballama ships directly from the United States to Cuba by sea, without going through third countries and delivery of the package in no more than 15 days!

In addition, if the comfort of your family members is important to you, it is also important to Cuballama Envíos, so for those packages that weigh less than 100 pounds, your family member in Cuba can pay an additional amount to get comfortable from their home.

Cuba Sounds

Cuballama offers you the opportunity to make calls to Cuba and to the world depending on the country or the number of the recipient, according to the following rates:

one. Standard route: Route to fixed calls only for 0.4999 USD / min

Two. Routes plus: Route to landlines and mobile phones for 0.6900 USD / min

To facilitate communication, the service has «Cuballama access numbers«They are used to make calls to Cuba and international calls at the best price. Cuballama has created custom access numbers for each of the contacts you register in your phonebook.

Can I make direct calls?

Of course! With Cuballama you can make calls to Cuba and international calls directly from your mobile phone or landline in a very simple way:

If you live in the US or Canada, dial the personalized access number of the contact registered in your account. If you live outside the US or Canada, dial the custom access number for your city, then the number you want to call (including the code country), followed by the # key and voila!


Cheaper, more hours!

If your call lasts up to 40 seconds, Cuballama has a low-cost «Minillamada» service, in which you pay $ 0.39 as a user and your family member pays nothing.

Cuballama Phone

In the Cuballama Store you can find mobile phones for Cuba with discounts of up to -50% on 3G and 4G mobile phones from Flager and Hialeah stores.

In addition, you can choose your equipment according to your needs, filtering all possible options depending on the operating system, processor, memory, camera, screen or its value.

Once you have chosen the desired equipment, you can purchase one or more devices online. Remember that you must have a Cuballama account in order to add products to your cart and continue to pay for them.

Send SMS

Do not forget that With Cuballama you can send SMS to Cuba or to the world from the mobile application, adding the contacts in the phonebook of your account.. Download it now in the iPhone App Store or Google Play for Android.

Cuballama Recharge Nauta

Through the Nauta Refill service, you can add a balance to your relatives’ Nauta accounts in Cuba, so you can connect to the Internet faster. Cuballama is the only company that offers monthly Nauta recharge promotions, so you can connect for more hours, for less.

What are Nauta refills?

These are the internet reloads that you send so that your relatives can connect to the internet in Cuba from any of the WIFI access points that Etecsa (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba SA) created nationwide to have national or international email accounts.

The difference with the Internet on your mobile phone is that the Nauta connection has a higher speed and better supports sending photos, files and videos or video calls.

To reload a Nauta Cuba account, you will need to know the e-mail address of your relative’s Nauta permanent access account, which looks like this and can be obtained from any Etecsa office.

How do I reload Nauta?

Recharging Nauta in Cuba with Cuballama is simple, fast and safe. Through the iPhone and Android mobile app, through the website, in Cuballama stores in South Florida or by phone at 786-408-6400, you can send the reload to Cuba in seconds.

Currently, for international navigation, the rate is 1.00 CUC per hour. For national navigation it is 0.10 CUC per hour. The lifecycle of a permanent Nauta access account is 330 days, and it is renewed each time you add a Nauta reload.

If you access the official YouTube channel from Cuballama, you can find a tutorial of less than 1 minute that explains how to reload Nauta.

Cuballama travel

Today Cuballama has implemented a new one service called Cuballama Viajes in which you can find flights, vacation packages, hotels, car rentals and travel procedures.

Use the online search engine to specialize in flights to CubaYou can compare and buy online on all airlines and routes, you can also find the best holiday package that suits your needs to have the perfect vacation or the best «All Inclusive» at a great price, make the reservation online calling 786-408-6400 by chat directly at or book in person and pay in cash at Cuballama stores.

If you need to rent a car for your trip, Cuballama guarantees you the best rates from the market and access to all available rental vehicles, from economy to luxury models that include insurance; It is worth mentioning that the company has inventory in all rental points: airports, hotels and cities. Try to book in advance, as demand is high on this date.

If you are looking for a place to spend the night during your trip, book hotels worldwide in Cuballama Just a click away! In Cuballama you will find day offers and package deals to ensure your comfort during your stay or you can perform a personalized search by entering the city you are visiting, the date of arrival and the date of departure from the hotel.

Did you know that in order to travel to Cuba you need to process your tourist visa?

If you do not yet have a Tourist Visa, Cuballama supports you with management. Remember that Visa or Tourist Card is required for all foreigners who want to visit Cuba as a tourist, is a personal document that contains all the tourist information: name and surname, date of birth, passport number and citizenship. Minor aliens also need this document.

Once Visa, You can request home delivery with a shipping cost of 5 USD, delivery time of 4 to 5 working days depending on the destination and you will receive an email with the tracking of the shipment. If it is easier for you to collect it in the store, this service will not have any additional cost and you will be contacted between 0 and 24 hours to confirm the date of withdrawal of the document.

Cuballama Register

Create a new account in Cuballama to access all its services, it will only take a few minutes, just place the following link in your search engine and fill out an online form with your personal data, a landline or mobile phone and your email or you can register using your Facebook account.

How to talk to a Cuballama representative

Last but not least, if you have questions about how to hire a service, payment method or any other question, you can contact a service representative. Cuballama through any of the following information channels to quickly find the answer to your concerns:

By telephone; Customer service responds directly through +1 786 408 6400, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time), 365 days a year.

Chat; If you prefer, you can chat with one of the agents, just search the chat window in the lower right corner of the webpage. www.cuballama.comoperating hours are 8:00 – 22:00 EST, 365 days a year.

By message; You can also write your doubts or questions in the «contact» tab of the website and you will receive an answer by message or e-mail from Cuballama.