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▷ Steps to cancel a follow-up request on Instagram 【2021】

▷ Steps to cancel a follow-up request on Instagram 【2021】

Instagram It is a social network based on «followers», which we can have if we want, although there are more users who prefer to use this application only to view content and do not have much interest in generating followers. Want to cancel a follow-up request and aren’t sure how to do it?, here we will explain the step by step that you have to follow.

Delete a follow-up request on Instagram

Canceling a follow-up request on Instagram can be done, in fact it is a fairly simple process to perform, although you are certainly interested to know what will happen and if the other person who sent you the request will realize that you have canceled the request which I sent you.

It is important to know that due to the privacy settings on Instagram, we have the possibility to have a public or private account and, depending on what suits you, it will be possible to receive tracking requests, which you may accept. or reject only if you have a private account, because if you have a public Instagram account, these requests will be automatically accepted without your consent.

Delete tracking requests on Instagram

All those users who have their public account receive followers without prior notice, in any case they are notified that they have a new follower and, if they prefer to «delete» or have some kind of cancellation of their request, it can be done contacting the list of followers and deleting it directly from there.

If you’ve received a tracking request and want to delete it, you need to do the following:

  1. Open your Instagram account on a computer
  2. Tap on the heart (top right of the screen), you’ll see tracking requests
  3. Once the list is displayed, click «delete» in the desired one, or even all of them, if you prefer.
  4. Ready! Your tracking requests will be deleted immediately.

What happens if I cancel a request on Instagram

You need to keep in mind that when you delete a tracking request on Instagram, what will happen is that it will first disappear from your request list and also the account in question that was trying to follow you will be able to send the request again, so that you can deduce that you canceled it only if they realize, because they will not be notified that this has happened, only the option that says they sent a request will disappear and again they will have to click «continue».

Do you have questions about that? If you have any questions or concerns with your follow-up requests on Instagram, I invite you to leave us a comment in the section below.