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▷ Koobai application does not scan the voting code ✓ 【SOLUTION】

▷ Koobai application does not scan the voting code ✓ 【SOLUTION】

Koobai is one of the most popular and downloaded applications in recent weeks and we can only get rewards for scanning supermarket tickets, being able to get benefits and winnings that can then be exchanged with a gift card that can be used in various supermarkets, shops and restaurants. Koobai does not scan the ballot code?, here we will explain why this happens and we will help you solve them.

Unable to scan Koobai code

To make a profit on Koobai necessary scan the ballots, which will allow Koobai to immediately recognize whether or not a brand or promotion attached to the app has been purchased. Scanning a ballot paper is the most important and main thing we need to do to make a profit, if you do not scan them it will be impossible to get money.

Although the application is new, many users have had problems with its use, one of the most common problems is that the ballot code cannot be scanned, so it is not possible to get the profits we should have made. A purchase.

Koobai will not let the ballot scan

This problem has a solution, it is quite simple and best of all is that it is a valid option that will help users who have had a hard time learning about the uses of the application and how to scan the code of a ballot in Koobai.

What you need to do to solve this problem of entering your ballot is to enter your ballot manually, ie you must write the number or code corresponding to the ballot so that it can be entered successfully and you can use it to get the rewards. in the application.

Enter your Koobai manual ballot

The manual upload of the ballot paper in Koobai is done as follows:

  1. Enter the ballot scan option
  2. Click «Manual Upload»
  3. Add the ballot number
  4. Voting date
  5. The total amount of the ballot paper
  6. Supermarket where the purchase was made
  7. Click on accept and voila! The data corresponding to the purchase ticket you made will already be uploaded.

Manual loading on Koobai It is one of the best options that has been implemented to solve the problem of scanning ballots, because many users have problems when it comes to scanning or photographing a code, so it is one of the best options that has been implemented and what it is the best of all, it works pretty well, so you could load all the ballots like this, following the process I detailed.

  • Do you have questions about Koobai? Failed to enter a manual poll? Write us a comment and we’ll help you fix it.