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▷ How to know my mobile phone number if I forget it in 2021 [PERÚ]

▷ How to know my mobile phone number if I forget it in 2021 [PERÚ]

You forgot your cell phone number Movistar, Of course, Bitel or Entel?

Don’t worry, it’s not that you’re suffering from memory loss, it’s just youI would mobile phone companies Many times I give faces left and right and when you realize that you are already over 30 chips (SIM cards) on your behalf It gives you for everything, even for breathing. That is why it is not surprising that you forget your mobile phone number, in addition to the fact that you are very long and sometimes very difficult to remember.

Get your number back

That being said, I want to give you a solution to your problem. Looks like you bought or received a chip either from operator Movistar, Of course, Bitel or Entel and you don’t know what the number is, well, here I will show you in detail what you need to do to get your number again.

one. Get a number of Movistar.

Two. Get a number of Of course.

3. Get a number of Bitel.

4. Get a number of Entel.

1. How to know my number Movistar fast and easy.

Call from the mobile phone, the cell you want to know the number, * # 62 # and press the «call«You will see how your number will appear instantly on the screen. Now you can call your friends or anyone you want.

2. How to know my number Of course fast and easy.

You don’t have to call here, but you do have to send one TEXT MESSAGE to 776 with the word number, be careful, write as it is, without tilde. You will receive a message with your number.

3. How to know my number Bitel fast and Easy.

Now if your mobile phone is from the operator Bitel and you forgot his number, because you will have to dial * 180 # and press the key call and immediately the number will appear on the screen and you’re done.

4. How to get my number Entel if I forgot, the updated method 2019.

Well, you just write it down Entel you forgot the following: * one # and the key call and you will see that at that moment the number appears on the screen.

I hope the information was useful to you, if these methods no longer work and there are others, please Make me to know.