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▷ How to call Mexico from the United States

▷ How to call Mexico from the United States

In this article we will refer to how to call a Mexican phone in the United States and also how to call a landline in mexico usa.

Guide; How to call a cell or landline in Mexico from the USA:

one. Start with 011, exit code for USA and Canada. If you are dialing from a mobile phone, you can dial «+«instead of 011, which is the international exit code.

Two. Then enter 52, this is Mexico prefix code.

3. Then dial code for city prefix.

4. Finish by calling local phone number.


011 + 52 + Town + Number

If you call a landline or a mobile phone you will have something like: 011 52 ?? ???? ????

How to save a mobile phone from Mexico in WhatsApp

To add to WhatsApp: +52 + Phone number.

E.g: +52 xxxxx xxxxx (Number)

You need to know:

Avoid using cards to talk to Mexico, as they are usually very expensive

How to call Mexico for free or in any country? R = well, remember that you can use mobile applications for calls as well Skype and WhatsApp