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▷ How to call from USA to MONTERREY 【Guide】 2021

▷ How to call from USA to MONTERREY 【Guide】 2021

How to Call Monterrey from US Guide

As always, when we call the Mexican Republic of the United States, we need to start with the sequence 011 + 52. So, since this is the city of Monterrey, which is the capital of the state of Nuevo León, we have to put The prefix Monterrey is 81

In summary, the call sequence of the city of Monterrey (Mexico), when it comes calling a mobile phone or landline is:
011 + 52 + 81 + full mobile phone number

one. Start with 011, US exit code. and Canada. if you dial a mobile phone you can dial «+Instead of 011, which is the international exit code.

Two. Then enter 52, This is Mexico prefix code.

3. Then score 81, Cod Lada prefix Monterrey.

4. Finish by checking phone number 8 local digits.


011 + 52 + Town + Number

If you call a landline or to a mobile phone you will have something like: 011 52 81 ???? ????

The code Mexico For WhatsApp

To add to WhatsApp: +52 + Cell.

E.g: +52 xxxxx xxxxx(Number)

Information about Monterrey:

Monterrey, one of the ten most popular cities in Mexico, located in the state of Nuevo León, is also the second richest city in the country. It is considered the most «American» city than any other city in Mexico. Many prestigious companies have established themselves in Monterrey, such as: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Dell, Boeing and many more. Currently, the city is proposing to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

Area codes of major cities in Mexico

Mexico City (55) CDMX

Federal District (55) DF

Jalisco (33) Guadalajara

Baja California (686) Mexicali

Baja California Sur (612) La Paz

Chiapas (961) Tuxtla Gutierrez

Chihuahua (614)

Colima (312)

Durango (618) Victoria Durango

Guanajuato (473)

gentleman (771) Pachuca de Soto

Michoacán de Ocampo (443) Morelia

Morelos (777) Cuernavaca

The new Leo (81) Monterrey

Oaxaca (951) Oaxaca de Juárez

Puebla (222) Puebla de Zaragoza

QUERETARO (658) Santiago de Querétaro

Tabasco (993) Villahermosa

Veracruz (229) Xalapa-Enriquez

Yucatan (999) Merida

Zacatecas (492)

Call 040 for updated information as area codes may change.