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▷ How to call from Mexico to Ontario Canada

▷ How to call from Mexico to Ontario Canada

Wonderful buildings, wonderful festivals and extraordinary adventures is what you will find in one of the largest provinces in Canada, we are talking about
Ontario. No wonder so many people come to visit. If you have to call, just follow these steps.

Guide; How to call Ontario from Mexico:

one. Start with 00, output code of Mexico. if you dial a mobile phone, you can only dial «+«Instead of 00, which is the international exit code.

Two. Then enter one, This is prefix code al Canada.

3. Then you have to place city ​​code who do you want to call if you want to talk Ontario Canada, you must mark 909.

4. Finish by checking phone number local.


If you call a landline or to a mobile phone you will have something like: 00 1 909 ??? ???? AND ready.

How to Call a Mobile Phone in Canada And save it in WhatsApp

To add to WhatsApp: +1 + Cell.

E.g: +1 xxxxx xxxxx(Number)