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▷ How to call from Colombia to Canada 【EASY】

▷ How to call from Colombia to Canada 【EASY】

Canada It is the North American country that stretches from the United States in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north. Major cities include the huge Toronto, Vancouver, West Coast movie center, the French-speaking cities of Montreal and Quebec and the capital Ottawa.

Call Canada from Colombia

one. The first thing we need to do is form the international exit code, that is 00X for any call from Colombia to another country. where X is the operator code you use to call, which can be:

444 = Claro Mobile

456 = Clear Fixed

414 = You

7 = ETB

9 = Movistar

468 = Avantel


Two. Then you have to score prefix code al Canada, in this case we have to mark one.

3. Then you need to know the city where the person you want to call is located, for example; if you want to call Ottwa, you must mark the code: 613.

Four. And finally you will have to score phone number.

Let’s look at an example::

If you call using a Movistar, it will look like this: 009 1 ??? ??? ????

You can also use Skype or Whatsapp. They offer calls and video calls that allow instant connection through a connection to Internet.

How to call and store a Canadian mobile phone In the WhatsApp

To add to WhatsApp: +one + Cell.

E.g: +1 xxxxxxxxxx(Number)