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▷ How to call from Canada to Italy 【2021】

▷ How to call from Canada to Italy 【2021】

Located in Mediterranean Europe, Italy It is one of the European countries of great tourist importance both for its great history and for its special tradition and gastronomy, making it one of the most popular places to visit tourist attractions. If you have friends, family or even a business there, it is very important to know how to call without the need for an instant messaging app, just follow these steps.

Guide: Call Italy from Canada (landline or cell phone)

one. Start with 011, Canada exit code. if you dial a mobile phone, you can only dial «+«Instead of 011 which is the international exit code.

Two. Then you have to score Country code the one you want to call, the code Italy It is: 39.

3. Then you have to place city ​​code who do you want to call if you want to talk Rome, you must mark 06.

4. Finish by checking phone number local.


011 + 39 + Town + Number

If you call a landline you will have something like: 011 39 ?? ???? ???? For Lcall a cell phone it would look like this; 011 39 3 ?? ??? ????

How to save Italy code on Whatsapp

To add to WhatsApp: +39 + Cell.

E.g: +39 xxxxx xxxxx(Number)