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▷ How to call Ecuador in the United States 【2021】

▷ How to call Ecuador in the United States 【2021】

Calling a cell phone or landline in Ecuador in the United States it’s much easier than you can imagine, you just have to follow these steps.

Guide: Call Ecuador from the USA

one. Start with 011, the exit code for the USA and Canada. If you are dialing from a mobile phone, you can only dial «+«instead of 011.

Two. Then you have to score country code do you want to call Ecuador the code is: 593.

3. Then you have to enter city ​​code you want to call, if you want Quito, you need to dial Two.

4. Finish by calling the place phone number.


011 + 593 + Town + Number

If you call a landline, you will have something like: 011 593? ??? ???? To call a cell phone would look like this; 011 593 9 ?? ??? ???.

How to save Ecuador code in WhatsApp

To add a WhatsApp: +593 + phone number.

E.g: +593 9xxxxxxxx (Number)

Area codes of Ecuador cities

Province Area code Old subscriber number New subscriber number
Pichincha (Quito Includes … Machachi … Santo Domingo … Cayambe and Sangolquí) Built in 20012 September 2 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Guayas (Guayaquil Includes … Salinas … … Posorja and Naranjal beaches) converted from September 2, 2001 4 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Tungurahua Cotopaxi … … … Pastaza Bolívar and Chimborazo 3 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Manabi … Galapagos and Los Ríos 5 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Carchi Imbabura … … … Esmeraldas Sucumbíos … Napo and Orellana 6 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Lodge … Canar … Azuay … Zamora … El Oro and Morona Santiago 7 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
On September 28, 2003, Ecuador launched a new numbering plan that converted all numbers in the country to eight digits. (One-digit geographical area code and seven-digit subscriber number) The plan was implemented on 2 September 2001 for the provinces of Guayas and Pichincha The table can help convert older numbers to the new dial format Mobile phone numbers have been converted to seven digits starting with «9»