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▷ How to call CDMX in the United States 【DF】

▷ How to call CDMX in the United States 【DF】

CDMX is the capital of the Mexican Republic. Mexico is one of the most pleasant destinations in the world and many people want to know it for the variety of culture they have, because this is a very diverse society. If you have a friend or relative in CDMX and you want to talk to them, all you have to do is follow these steps that we will give you below.

Guide; How to call the city Mexico From the United States:

one. Start with 011, US exit code and Canada. if you dial a mobile phone, you can only dial «+«Instead of 011 which is the international exit code.

Two. Then enter 52, This is Mexico prefix code.

3. Then you have to place city ​​code you want to call, in case CDMX the code is 55.

4. Finish by checking phone number local.


011 + 52 + Town + Number

If you call a landline or to a mobile phone you will have something like: 011 52 55 ???? ????

How to call a cell phone Mexico and save it in WhatsApp

To add to WhatsApp: +52 + Cell.

E.g: +52 xxxxx xxxxx(Number)

Why did it change from DF (Federal District) to CDMX (Mexico City) as the Capital of Mexico?

In early 2016, it was announced in the media in Mexico and around the world that the Federal District has since become a state of the Mexican federation. Mexico City was founded on August 13, 1521 by the Aztecs, is located at 2,250 meters above sea level and is famous because it was the birthplace of the most important culture of all time.