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▷ How to call Arequipa from Canada 【2021】

▷ How to call Arequipa from Canada 【2021】

Arequipa it is led by its volcanoes. We see it on the walls of its streets, buildings and churches; in the wonderful geography that offers us a fertile valley and deep canyons. If you want to call your family, friends or colleagues who are in Arequipa, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Steps to call Arequipa Peru From Canada

one. The first thing you should do is score international code calls, from Canada this code is 011. If you call from a mobile phone, you can only dial «+«.

Two. Then you have to score Country code which you want to talk to, in the case of Peru, the code is 51.

3. Then you have to place city ​​code the one you want to call, in case Arequipa the code is 54.

4. Finally, you need to score phone number of the person you want to talk to.


If you call a landline we will have something like this: 011 51 54 ??? ???. If you want call a cell phone, would look like this: 011 51 9 ?? ??? ???.

Note 1: «If, despite following the indicated steps, the call does not enter, you must first dial your operator’s code. And for that you have to call your operator and ask ”.

Note 2: Remember this for call from Peru in Canada is different, I leave you on continuation a link to a guide to calling Canada from Peru. ▷ How to call from PERU TO CANADA [2020]

How to store a mobile phone in Peru In the WhatsApp

To add to WhatsApp: +51 + Cell.

E.g: +51 xxxx xxxxx (Number)