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▷ Entel, Bitel, Movistar and Claro long distance operator codes [2021]

▷ Entel, Bitel, Movistar and Claro long distance operator codes [2021]

Remote call from Peru. Operator codes

If you are looking for long distance codes or transport codes of the various mobile phone companies in Peru, you are in the right place. Maybe you want to call abroad and you don’t know the codes of the operators or mobile phone companies, then take note, this Here We’ll tell you what they are.

one. Operator code Entel 1990

Two. Operator code Movistar 1911

3. Operator code Clear 1912

Four. Operator code Bitel 1968

These codes are very important if you want to call abroad from your mobile phone, you must first enter these numbers. This will indicate to the system that the call is leaving that company.

Quick Dialing Guide Abroad.

(Operator Code) + (International Code) + (Country Code) + (Phone Number)


Pako is Movistar and he wants to call his grandfather who is in Venezuela. He will score like that. The international code is 00 and the country code of Venezuela is 58

1911 + 00 + 58 + Telephone number

If you are dialing from a landline, you do not need to dial a code. If you are dialing a landline, you must enter the city code before entering the phone number.

I hope this information will be useful.