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▷ Does he call me and I hang up? Who can it be?

▷ Does he call me and I hang up?  Who can it be?

I don’t know what to do, he calls me, I answer, but I close

If you’re here, it’s because it happened to you, isn’t it?

Certainly, on several occasions, they called you from an unknown number on your mobile phone, you answered and no one answers, I hang up your phone, or they put on your music and then interrupted the call and did not enter. Also, the day was coming and we were worried about who I might be and what I wanted.

This situation may be due to several reasons, including phone scam, automatic calls from a call center or a company of telemarketing.

Scams and fraud

There are different types of scams and frauds made by phone calls, among which are mainly disappear (term derived from voice and pishing) and wangiri
(from Japanese call and cut).

In case of disappear, the usual thing is that someone answers you and tries to replace a financial institution or an acquaintance to rob you; While in wangiri the most common is for the call to be interrupted when it is answered, so that the victim returns the call and a scammer generates money.

Who’s calling? Why doesn’t anyone answer?

Well, let me tell you a little bit, companies can often call to offer you something for sale. «telemarketing«,what is this? It happens that the computer system makes calls to different numbers and when the computer detects that someone has answered, it immediately forwards the call to the agent who is free to talk to you to offer you a service or I don’t know what he wants to sell you, but if none of the agents is free at the time you answer, then because no one can answer you, the computer interrupts the call.

Today everything is computerized, to prevent the agent or operator from wasting time calling and waiting for the bell until someone answers, it is a waste of money for that company, so the process of calling and waiting for the bell makes the computer, which is sent to the agent immediately when someone reply.

Should I return the call?

It is recommended that you do not do this, remember that if it is important, they will call you again. There are people who cheat through this method who use fraudulent numbers. He calls you and cuts you off. And when you return the call, they end up connecting you to an international call, which means you end up calling abroad, so at the end of the month your receipt for that long distance call service will increase, so avoid answering. they sound better, as you do. I repeat, if it’s really important, they’ll have to call you again.

Other reasons why unknown numbers call me and no one answers

The other reason is that there are companies that do market research and normally evaluate what hours and days you respond to in order to generate a database and offer you a product or service in the future. So you know what it means when it rings and I hang up. Not only do I call you unknown numbers, but also numbers that don’t exist.

What to do with these annoying calls

If possible, they are advised not to answer calls, they already know the risks they may involve. If you can, block those numbers that are causing problems at the end. It is best to call your appropriate operator and / or government institution and ask them to block such calls.

I hope the information helped you.