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▷ Call Bitel from another operator [2021]

▷ Call Bitel from another operator [2021]

Bitel customer service from another operator

Looks like you want to call Bitel, especially at Customer support, to make a query, but if you are from another phone company like Of course, movistar,
Entel or a landline and you don’t know what to mark, don’t worry about a lot of people the same thing happens. I’m Movistar and I wanted to ask about my bitel «mifi» device and I didn’t know how to communicate with them, after searching, I found it.

I leave the information below.


one. 123 of the Bitel.

Two. 0800 79123 from the Provinces and free.

3. +51930123123 from another operator.

WhatsApp service channel:




I hope the information helped you.