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≫ Where do you see if I have been paid the Emergency Family Income and the COVID Bonus?

≫ Where do you see if I have been paid the Emergency Family Income and the COVID Bonus?

Emergency family income and Bonus Covid There are state aids granted to a large number of families since the pandemic started in the country. This help is essential for hundreds of families, so you need to know your payment details and, in turn, whether they paid you or the status of that payment. Want to know everything you need to know about these contributions?, here we will explain everything in detail.

Do you know if they will offer me the COVID 2021 Bonus

All those families who have theirs The social register of the household They have the opportunity to claim both state benefits, they have had some changes over the months, but all families can apply, managing to be one of the beneficiaries, although this will clearly depend on the percentage of vulnerability or the section on which they belong to.

If, at any time, you have been granted one of the two benefits or even meet the requirements to be a beneficiary, here we will explain how you can know if they will give it to you or if they have paid you.

Check your Emergency Family Income Payment Status

Payment dates are very important to recognize and there are some that have changed, so we recommend that you periodically review the main page of emergency family income, there will appear: «Important data», these are the ones you should take into account. consideration when it comes to knowing when the grant will be paid.

If you want to know if they paid you, here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Emergency Family Income platform
  2. Add the respective data of your account, you can do this with the Unique Password
  3. In the menu will appear: «status», click there
  4. You will be able to check the status of the benefit, including knowing if they will pay you, when and how to pay.

Find out if they paid Emergency Family Income

Knowing the status of the benefits is very simple, best of all is that you will find all the detailed information on the platform I mentioned, so you should not look for information elsewhere.

In addition, you have the option to call 101, direct number of Chile serves, where I can help you resolve all your doubts, including benefits, payment dates and their status.

  • Do you have questions about Emergency Family Income or Covid Bonus? Write us a comment in the section below.