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≫ Watt’s Nectar Contest to Win an Instant Pot 🥇 【2021】

≫ Watt's Nectar Contest to Win an Instant Pot 🥇 【2021】

Watt’s nectar a few weeks ago launched a contest where you can participate in an incredible multicooker Instat Pot or a slush machine to deal with these delicious juices. Do you want to participate?, here we will explain how you can participate to win one of these incredible prizes Watt’s nectar draws.

Nectar Watt’s 2021 Giveaway

This contest is pretty simple, because you don’t have to fill out forms, add codes or anything like that, it will be enough just to buy one of the Watt’s nectar 1.5 liters and send the ballot to a WhatsApp number, there you can send the ballot as proof of purchase and you will automatically participate.

The prizes are very good and that is why many people bought these refined juices and completed the process in order to participate. Instant pot It is an electric pressure cooker or «Multicooker» that allows the production of a large number of dishes, can significantly reduce time or even get a completely different spice, all thanks to this electric dish, which can also be configured according to needs in each of the preparations.

Submit your ticket for Watt’s nectar contest

As for the other prize which is a slush It is also an incredible prize, as it will be possible to make an «ice cream with ice», in addition, it will be possible to prepare the border with the same juice. Lui Watt, and you will realize that it will be incredible.

There are more slush machines and therefore there are more chances to win one of these machines than a multicooker, anyway the most important thing is to participate, because it is the only option we have to win one of the incredible prizes. which Watt’s juices made available to its consumers.

Watt’s juice contest 2021

If you are participating, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Buy a Watt juice in a supermarket
  2. Take a photo of your ballot
  3. Add the number +569 53476633 to your contact list
  4. Enter WhatsApp and search for the recently added contact
  5. Send the photo of the ballot and voila! you will already participate.

If you are one of the winners, they will contact you via WhatsApp message, in fact it is the same number to which the ballot was sent which is responsible for sending the message to the contest winners.

  • Do you have questions about this contest or do you want to know if you are one of the winners? Write us a comment and we will help you solve all your doubts.