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≫ Schedule a video call to get the unique key 🥇 【2021】

≫ Schedule a video call to get the unique key 🥇 【2021】

Unique key It is one of the most necessary keys we need to have, because with it it is possible to perform hundreds of state-related procedures, whether it is income, bonds, virtual police station, purchase of bonds and other endless possibilities that we have them to speed up a process because of this acknowledgment Unique key. Want to schedule a video call?, here we explain step by step how to do it.

Request time for the unique online key

The first thing you should consider is that this procedure is usually carried out in person, either in a branch of the civil registry or in a branch of Chile Atiende, in both cases it is necessary to go directly to the branch and , as usual, make an extended queue for attention, so in times of pandemics several new options have been implemented to make procedures faster and faster.

Crowd avoidance is essential to stop the pandemic, the main reason why an application system has been implemented online, online or via the Internet Unique key, and this is exactly what we will explain to you to do, so you will get the password without leaving the house and without making endless lines.

How to book an hour in Clave Única online

  1. Enter the application for the Unique Key activation code
  2. Click on the startup process
  3. Select the time that suits you
  4. Enter your details– Name– RUT– Serial number– Mail– Phone
  5. Intelligent! check the email box of the email you entered to confirm that you have successfully completed the process.

If you received the email, this is because the video call request was completed successfully, so you will need to log in and enter the link that reached the email at the specified time if you do not log in. , you will waste time and will not be able to request the unique key.

This is one of the most necessary procedures we have to perform, because in hundreds of procedures it is a requirement to add the unique access code, otherwise we are often required to perform the procedures in person at a branch and if we had a unique password , we would speed up the process and therefore not expose ourselves so much.

At the moment, the only methods we have is to carry out the procedure in person at a branch of Chile Atiende or at the civil registry, or to schedule a video conference differently, which we have detailed in the process we added earlier.

The capacity for today has already been reached

An important point to add is that, in general, the hours are scheduled from one day to the next and are only available in the morning, so we recommend that you complete the process one day in the morning to book the visit the next day. ..

If a message appears indicating: «Capacity available for today has already been reached», it’s because all class schedules have been completed, so you’ll have to try it the next day, ideally in the morning to be able to book.

  • If you have a problem so you can schedule an hour on the site, write us a comment and we’ll help you resolve your issue.