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≫ Recover temporary WhatsApp messages and photos ✓ 【STEP BY STEP】

≫ Recover temporary WhatsApp messages and photos ✓ 【STEP BY STEP】

WhatsApp Some time ago, it implemented temporary messages, photos and videos, which is an option that allows us to send a message and that when a certain time passes it is automatically deleted without leaving a trace. In the case of photos, they are removed from the conversation, so they cannot be viewed again. Do you want to recover a temporary photo from WhatsApp?, here we will explain step by step how to do it.

Recover a temporary WhatsApp photo

When you send us a message WhatsApp We can reread it as many times as we want, because it stays in our chat, being able to access the messages as many times as necessary or if we are looking for something, we can access them without problems, unless the messages have been deleted. or are temporary.

In the case of photos, we can access an option that allows us to be «temporary», for example that lasts only 1 hour in the conversation and after the time has elapsed is automatically deleted from the chat, preventing it from being returned a. View.

What to do if you want to recovers a temporary photo sent by WhatsApp is to take a snapshot of it before it is completely removed from the conversation. That is, when I send you a temporary photo, a clock appears on the side of the image, so you know that it will be deleted when time passes, so you can immediately take a screenshot of the photo that will be deleted.

See a temporary WhatsApp message again

Therefore, in order to recover the temporary WhatsApp messages that will be deleted, you will have to take a screenshot of the screen and thus it will be stored in the device’s gallery, being able to access the photo whenever you want and without any problems.

If you are unable to take the screenshot or the photo has already been deleted and you were unable to take the capture, there is no other option to allow us to recover these deleted messages, although there are a few applications that claim to be retrieving messages.

In the Android download store there are several applications that could be used to recover messages, one of which stands out the most WAMR, this application ensures the recovery of all deleted messages from WhatsApp, so you could try and see if it recovers temporary messages and photos from WhatsApp.

Temporary recovery of WhatsApp photos

WAMR - Recover deleted messages, download status
WAMR - Recover deleted messages, download status

To download the application, you only need a minimum space in the storage space of the device, an Internet connection, ideal via Wifi, because it is usually more stable than via a mobile data plan. Also, you need to know that the messages will only be recovered while the mobile device is connected to the internet and there is no clarity whether or not the temporary WhatsApp messages are recovered, but you do not lose anything by trying.

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