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≫ Participates in 【THE LAYS BOOT】 The Paper House

≫ Participates in 【THE LAYS BOOT】 The Paper House

The Lays Booty is the last contest you launched EvercripsIt’s quite fun to participate, because there are two ways, so here we will teach you step by step to enter a code in El Botín de Lays and get incredible prizes.

The El Botín de Lays 2021 contest

To participate, the most important thing is to buy a product Evercrips which is attached to the promotion, these are all the labels that allude to the contest, all those products that have this promotional label can participate, because they bring a code that allows us to add it to the promotion and get incredible prizes.

The Evercrips Paper House contest

If you have already purchased a Lays product, you have two ways to enter and we will detail them below:

  • Enter by scanning the QR code:

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to compete, because by scanning the code you will be redirected to a WhatsApp, where you will have to talk, you will receive an automatic answer and you will have to add the promotional code, which is the one found printed on the product packaging. They will tell you immediately if you are one of the winners of up to $ 100,000 a day.

  • Enter the code on the El Botín de Lays website

This option is the same as the previous one, simple and fast, but you will need to register to have an account and access your profile, where you can add promo codes that can have cash prizes of up to $ 100,000. This is a slower process, but at the same time it could be more «safe», as there could be a more accurate record of the participants and the amounts won. It is also the option that you will have to make «loot» withdrawals, which is the money earned.

Chile 2021 Lays Contest

To register you must do the following:

  1. Enter Lays’ prey
  2. Click «Register»
  3. Fill out the registration form
  4. Once registered, you will be able to see the details of the code uploads you have made and even collect the loot.

To be able to collect your prey in «Lays’ prey«You must have the application downloaded»Superdigital«, Which is an application that allows you to have a» virtual «card, where you can receive the payment of prizes, belongs to Banco Santander, so it is very reliable, but you will need to be registered and have the application downloaded.

Chile superdigital
Chile superdigital

  • Are you ready to participate? Questions about this Lays contest? Write us a comment and we will help you solve any doubts you may have.