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≫ How to know who sells on Facebook Marketplace ✔ 【2021】

≫ How to know who sells on Facebook Marketplace ✔ 【2021】

Facebook market is one of the most used buying and selling platforms, in fact we could say that it is one of the favorites because it allows any user to Facebook publishes products or services offered, reaching a large number of people who use the application daily. Want to know who is the person selling something on the Facebook Marketplace?, here we will explain how you can see the user’s profile.

Examine someone’s market profile

In the Marketplace we can find a large number of products and services offered, of all tastes and all prices, so it is usually very fun to examine what is for sale, we can even look for something specific, apply filters, etc.

Whatever the reason you are checking Market It is always advisable to ‘investigate’ or ‘review’ the profile of the person, store or brand you are selling, so that it is not a scam or a fake sale.

Recognizing a profile on Facebook is simple, but not everyone understands this topic, which is why we always recommend asking for help if you are unsure of buying or selling a product from someone who has spoken to you. Market or with whom you will reach an agreement.

View a person’s business profile on Facebook Market

The first and most important thing is to review the person’s profile and, for this, we have two options, depending on where you are browsing, either from the application or from the web platform, in both cases the process to follow is the same, the realization of the view the profile of the person selling or buying the product.

  1. Sign in to Facebook
  2. Access the conversation with the person who buys and sells the product or service
  3. Click on his photo in one of the messages he sent you
  4. A menu will appear, click «view profile»
  5. The profile you have on Facebook will be opened immediately and you will be able to see photos, posts, etc.

Enter someone’s market profile

It is very important to carefully examine the profiles of users who sell or buy a product, so that you can get information and know the person that you are selling something, so that you can get some guarantees, because scams are recurring and it is much better to take all necessary precautions.

If you do not know how to examine a profile, we recommend that you seek help from someone who has knowledge in this area, so as to avoid any accidents that may occur due to the purchase or sale of products through Facebook market.

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