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≫ How to get free shipping with Ripley’s Chek? 【【2021】

≫ How to get free shipping with Ripley's Chek?  【【2021】

Check It’s Ripley’s prepaid virtual card, and with it, there are hundreds of discounts you can opt for without having a Ripley card, because it works as a «debit» of the company and therefore the same discounts apply and even more. You may try to make a purchase at Ripley with Chek and want to opt for free shipping, so here we will help you with some methods and free shipping codes with Chek.

Free Ripley shipping code

Buy with Chek It’s simple, best of all is that anyone can register, all you have to do is fill out a form and then «load» the card to make the payment, this works more like a virtual card, but debit , but in the same way, you can divide the purchase into installments with the bank or card you uploaded to Chek.

When we buy in Ripley or in a store associated with Chek we can qualify for benefits, one of which is the exclusive discounts that are made when making payments with this means of payment and, in turn, when buying online, you can get «free shipping«.

Chek Ripley free shipping

Although many believe that «free shipping» is not a very good saving option, you are very wrong, because Chek allows you to get a discount on shipping up to $ 8,000, which is quite a lot and a great way to save and reduce the purchase price.

The discount coupon for free shipping with Ripley’s Chek is:


What to do when making a purchase with Chek is as follows:

  1. Add the products to your shopping cart
  2. Fill in the data corresponding to the delivery
  3. In the payment method select «check»
  4. Open the application on your mobile phone
  5. Add the code that appears on the screen and the reduction will be done automatically from shipping
  6. Scan the QR code
  7. Intelligent! payment has been completed.

Ripley free delivery discount coupon

Once you have completed your purchase, you can check your email connected to your Ripley account if your payment has been confirmed, this way you will realize that your purchase in Ripley with Chek worked perfectly and also with free delivery.