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≫ How do you use WOMBO ?, the application that makes your selfies sing ✓

≫ How do you use WOMBO ?, the application that makes your selfies sing ✓

Wombo is one of the most fun applications you can find in the Android download store, this application what you do is take a selfie, ie take a photo, select a song and the application makes all the necessary changes so that it is see that photo sing. Want to download the app and learn how to use it?, here we will explain everything you need to know to use Wombo On your cell phone.

Take a photo to sing online

The app is free, but still has a «premium» version, with which you could access more benefits, such as having more songs available and more settings, so fans prefer to pay in Wombo and have the premium version.

If you want to download the app, all you need is to have a minimum of storage space on your device and also an internet connection, which is essential for the app to be downloaded and installed correctly on your mobile device.

Application to make a photo to sing

Wombo: Make your selfies sing
Wombo: Make your selfies sing

Once the application is downloaded, you can immediately start using it, being able to edit the most fun videos with the song you like the most.

When you start the application, the first thing you need to do is take a selfie of the person you want to «sing», when you take the photo you have to select the song you like best from the selection, you can listen to the song and then select it if you like.

Put a song and move a photo

You will notice that there is a premium version of WomboThis version is quite good because it has considerable improvements, where one of its best features is that there are more songs available to select and also the final quality of the video is much better, the video can be seen more clear and you can delete the watermark, which says “Wombo«In the final video.

If you prefer to have Wombo premium version You have to make the monthly subscription, although you can pay for the months you want, and in fact we recommend that you only pay for one month, so that you know if the app is to your liking.

Wombo It is quite easy to use, in fact we could say that it is one of the easiest applications of this type and the one that has the best selection of songs, in addition to the quality of its videos, because although it shows that it is an edit in the same way in which the final content is very good, which we can share.

One of the new features, in addition to all the above, is that the final video can also be shared immediately and can be made directly on a social network, whether WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

  • Do you have questions with Wombo? Failed to make a video? Leave us a comment and we will help you.