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≫ How do I withdraw money from TikTok to a bank account? 【【STEP BY STEP】

≫ How do I withdraw money from TikTok to a bank account?  【【STEP BY STEP】

tick It is one of the social networks with the largest number of active users, many of them constantly share videos, but others like to enjoy the application by watching videos. You’ve probably noticed that some time ago TikTok started with an option called «bonus«Which allows us to earn coins or points, which we can then withdraw by bank transfer or PayPal.

Request the withdrawal of the TikTok bonus

Making money withdrawals in Tiktok is a reality, but at the moment this option is not activated in all countries, so only some can enjoy it. As the weeks go by, it is expected that cash withdrawals will start to be activated in several countries, accomplishing all this in a period of time, so that all those TikTok users will be able to earn money thanks to the application.

Earn coins or points tick is a reality we are approaching, so we will teach you step by step to be able to make withdrawals, but first we will give you some tips with which you can increase the popularity of your account, this is essential, Also with the invitation codes you could get more money, which will accumulate in your account and then be able to be withdrawn.

Withdraw money from TikTok to your bank account

  • Having an active profile means that your videos are constantly uploaded (this is essential if you want to perform a possible account verification and, in turn, have more views and followers).
  • Get followers, these are the keys to having multiple playbacks in videos, interactions and, in turn, for entering the invitation code.
  • Interaction with other accounts is one of the biggest motivations we can have in the application, because in this way we help other users and also helps us gain more followers.

Collect bonus from TikTok

All of the above are essential to have an active profile on TikTok, so you can earn money, which can then be withdrawn by following the steps that we will detail below:

  1. Access the TikTok application
  2. Go to your profile and click on the currency
  3. The «bonus» menu will appear, where the points you have will appear immediately, click on «Remove«
  4. You will have different withdrawal options, you need to select the one that suits you, it can be a different amount than the total amount or even all the money you have in your account, then click on «withdraw»
  5. You will need to add your account details and you will have two different options:– PayPal– Cable transfer
  6. In case of PayPal you need to add all the corresponding data in your account and connect them immediately, if you decide to opt for bank transfer you will have to fill in a small form
  7. In the account type you will need to select «Savings account»
  8. Once the form is complete, you need to click on “confirm withdrawal«
  9. When the process is successful, a message will appear saying «Withdrawal is in progress», which could take up to one business day to be reflected in your bank account.

Do you have questions about withdrawing money on TikTok? Write us a comment and we will help you solve all your problems.