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≫ How do I know if my Falabella order will arrive? ✔

≫ How do I know if my Falabella order will arrive?  ✔

Falabella It is one of the most important retail stores in the country, hundreds of people make daily purchases in the online store and even from the application. Will it be possible to know if an order will arrive from Falabella?, here we will explain, so you can know if it will arrive or not and even the day when the shipment should be specified.

Falabella office number

You need to know this when making a purchase in Falabella Before making the payment, you can know the «probable» day or the day the product should arrive, this can be an estimated date or a date range, ie between day __ and day ___.

If the purchase has already been successfully completed, ie you have received the confirmation order by mail and the e-ticket means that your order has actually been completed and that you can therefore check whether or not it has been shipped, knowing if it is in delivery, which means it is on its way to its destination and should therefore arrive today.

All you have to do is enter your Falabella account and you have two options to do this, the first is on the web page, connecting with the respective data of your account or you can also log in from the application with the account data .

Verify that a Falabella product is shipped

It is important that you sign in with the same information that you made the purchase, otherwise it will not be possible to know the status of the order, therefore, if you do not remember your account password, you can reset the password, so you can log in again and you can create a new password so you can easily enter to see the status of your order.

If you know the login account, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to or the app
  2. Log in with your account details.
  3. Access your profile option, then make purchases
  4. You will see all the purchases you have made, check the one you are interested in knowing
  5. See the details of the purchase and the status of the order, if it is shipped, it is because it should already reach its destination.

Know the status of a Falabella office

If you have a problem with the office, which «manages» outside the date it should have been delivered, a good option is to manage an application so that it can review the condition, what happened and why not the product. has shipped.

In order to handle a request for a shipment violation in Falabella what you need to do is communicate 600 380 5000.

  • Do you have any questions about the purchase at Falabella? Leave us a comment and we will help you solve it as soon as possible.