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≫ Change the quality of Twitch videos ✔ 【2021】

≫ Change the quality of Twitch videos ✔ 【2021】

twitch It is one of the most fun and popular applications to watch live video game shows, you can even use an online chat where we can chat with viewers, who may be from different countries. Did the videos look bad or of poor quality?, here we will explain why this happens and how to solve it.

Lower latency on Twitch

This application is widely recognized and used because it is used to stream live games, being able to access hundreds of viewers with the broadcast, even as I mentioned, you can communicate through a chat and receive comments.

You have an account in twitch It’s quite simple, because all you have to do is download the application and then fill in the registration form, already following the above, you have to start enjoying the application as you want, you can make live transmissions directly or you can be a viewer of the hundreds of broadcasts you can watch live.


Lower Twitch video quality

If you already have the app and have noticed that the video quality is pretty poor, it doesn’t look clear, and the videos are also lag (lag), you need to keep in mind that there are certain requirements and recommendations so that the app can run smoothly. , and the most important thing is the Internet connection.

First of all, you need to know that there are two ways to access it twitch, the first is directly from the application we download on the mobile phone, but we can also do it from a computer accessing the web platform, therefore, it is possible that a video that is transmitted from a mobile phone can be viewed in a higher quality smaller than one that is transmitted with a much better system on the computer.

Improve the quality of Twitch videos

It is also important to recognize this in twitch We have the ability to be «affiliated», ie a premium or paid account, with which you can access more benefits, and one of these advantages is that the quality of uploaded videos can be increased or decreased, so if you see wrong, you can correct smoothly.

to change the quality of a video on Twitch all you have to do is click on the settings that will appear in the video player, there you can decrease or increase the quality and even click on «low latency», which is a widely used option to watch good quality videos, with very good clarity.

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