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⇨ Why didn’t my order arrive from Shein? 【CHILE 2021】

⇨ Why didn't my order arrive from Shein?  【CHILE 2021】

She in It is one of the most important and recognized brands sold in China, in fact, over time much has been known about this online store, and sales in Chile have grown considerably. Have you ordered in Shein? Want to know the deadlines? Here we will explain everything, including the reasons Why didn’t your Shein order arrive at your home in Chile?.

Shein’s order did not arrive

Buy in Shein It is quite easy, best of all is that they are actually delivered in Chile, which are also cheap and it is even possible to add discount codes to have free shipping.

The fact that it can be bought in this store is a great novelty, and the best part is that you can access quality clothes at affordable prices, being able to have excellent clothes in your closet.

If you made a purchase on this page, you should know that there is a possibility to track the package, as they provide a tracking code, which can be tracked even on the Shein page.

Request to track the Shein order in Chile

When the product arrives in Chile and is received by Correos de Chile, you will have a tracking code that can be tracked in the Correos de Chile application, which is free, easy to use and requires only a minimum of storage space. unloaded.

Mail from Chile
Mail from Chile

Once you have downloaded the application, you can start using it immediately, it is quite easy because it has a simple interface, you will need to add the tracking code of your product and you will be able to see its progress or tracking.

Claim due to Shein’s request that did not arrive

When you notice that the product has not moved for several days, all you need to do is contact you immediately, as this may give you the necessary information and help you to resolve any doubts. It will always depend on the Post Office you are in, depending on the commune where you live, you should know that some e-mails work faster than others, which will depend on the amount of staff they have and the efficiency of their deliveries. .

Therefore, if your order for She in It has not arrived, all you have to do is contact Correos de Chile as long as the package is in the country, you can do it by phone at the following number: 600 950 2020, and another alternative that works very well to contact is through FacebookIn this case, you need to search for «Correos de Chile» and send a message, ideally with all the information you have, preferably a tracking number, so that they can help you and solve all your doubts.