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⇨ Where to buy a Fonasa coupon in Puente Alto? 【2021】

⇨ Where to buy a Fonasa coupon in Puente Alto?  【2021】

Fonasa is one of the health programs that allows us to buy vouchers for care in a private health center, and buying a voucher is not complex, but it could be finding where to buy it when the health center does not allow its purchase and just the reception.

Buy Fonasa bonds in Puente Alto

Buy a Fonasa coupon in Puente Alto It is possible, in fact, there are several options we have, and one of the most practical is to go directly to one of the Fonasa service centers, where they will be able to help you with the purchase of the voucher, so that you can participate.

It is important that before you start with the options, to buy a Fonasa voucher in Puente Alto, consider some information that will be needed to complete the purchase process, otherwise this could be complicated and may prevent you from going to your medical appointment.

What you need to buy a Fonasa voucher

To buy a Fonasa coupon we need:

  • Data about beneficiaries (Name, RUT, mobile phone, e-mail)
  • RUT of the institution (medical center that participates or is affiliated with the attending physician)
  • RUT attending physician
  • Benefit code
  • Specialty
  • Region
  • common

If you have the necessary data to be able to buy the Fonasa coupon, you should know that you have the following options to be able to complete the purchase successfully.

Where to buy Fonasa bonds in Puente Alto

– Buy the voucher onlineThis is one of the most practical methods you can access, but you must have a unique password to access the platform.

– Buy the Fonasa voucher in Neighbor BoxThis is quite simple, but it is necessary to request a folio number, with which it is possible to buy the voucher at one of the Caja Vecina branches, so it is necessary to call the Call Center in advance or receive it through the Mi platform. .

Buy the voucher at a Fonasa branch, This is one of the processes that could be more efficient, in fact it is an excellent option if you want to make sure that you can make the purchase successfully. In the case of Puente Alto there are the following branches:

  • IPS High Bridge, Address: Santo Domingo 481
  • Policenter Puete Alto, Address: 21 de May 0178
  • Fonasa Hospital Sotero del Rio Branch, Address: Concha y Toro 3459
  • Fonasa branches in Plaza Puente Alto Address: Diagonal Norte 780 Address: Concha y Toro 3779
Buy a Fonasa voucher at Caja Vecina

In all the branches we have previously added, you will be able to perform all the procedures you need from Fonasa and also make the purchase of bonds which is what you are looking for, in addition, it generally accepts all means of payment, both cash and cards.

It is important to be clear about the opening hours of branches, although they generally serve continuously from 8:30 to 14:00.

  • Do you have questions about how to buy Fonasa bonds in Puente Alto ?, write us a comment and we will help you as soon as possible to solve all the doubts and inconveniences you have.