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⇨ Cannot scan QR code for «Time to Play»

⇨ Cannot scan QR code for "Time to Play"

Play time is a fun program on the channel Mega, where hundreds of people try every day to be part of this game and thus be able to win incredible cash prizes. To be part of this is necessary scans a QR code which appears on the screen and many have had a problem with this, so here we will clarify everything and so you will learn to do it easily.

Scanning a QR code could be simple for someone who has applied it before or for someone who handles mobile phones relatively well, but for all those viewers who have never done it, it could never be a big headache. .

QR code not scanned

You could not scan the QR code? If you didn’t succeed, you should know it’s because you’re clearly not doing well, so you should try again by following the steps below so you can be a part of this TV game. time schedule.

If the code can not be scanned, it may be for various reasons, the main thing is that it is not doing well, but it may also be due to the fact that the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet and therefore not able to redirect to the game site .

Therefore, before you begin the steps you need to follow, we recommend that you check that your mobile device is properly connected to the Internet, either via Wi-Fi or through a mobile data plan.

Playtime QR code does not work

If the mobile phone is already connected, then we will explain in detail the steps for scanning the code.

  1. Open the cell phone camera
  2. Approach QR code (as if you were taking a photo)
  3. Without taking the photo, click on the message that will appear
  4. You will be redirected to a website, indicating that the QR code has been successfully scanned.

If you managed to open the link, this is because the QR code of Mega’s La Hora de Play has been scanned well, so you could be part of this fun game from the TV show.

If you can’t do it, I recommend asking someone who has more knowledge about this topic for help so you can scan the code without any problems.

The time to play the QR code does not work

If the problem is different, a good alternative is to have an application for scanning QR codes, this is usually simpler for many, so without a doubt it can be a very good option.

QR reader and barcodes (Spanish)
QR reader and barcodes (Spanish)

With the application it will be possible to scan the code easily and simply, so it is a very good option if it is difficult for you to perform the method with your mobile phone camera.

  • Problems scanning the code? Leave us a comment and we’ll help you fix it as soon as possible.