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→ Why doesn’t Instagram let me upload more photos? 【SOLUTION】

→ Why doesn't Instagram let me upload more photos?  【SOLUTION】

Instagram It is the most important and used social network in recent years, in fact we could say that a large part of users share a part of their daily lives through photos or videos. On Instagram we have the opportunity to share stories that have a temporary duration, as well as the option to share posts, which are fixed in our profile. Did you happen to be unable to upload more photos?, here we explain why and help you solve it.

Unable to upload more photos to Instagram

Multiple photos refer to the possibility to upload a selection of photos in the same publication, they can be from 2 to 10 different photos, which we can add to our publication and share with our followers without having to upload them all separately, but all selected photos are left together.

Many users have reported an error that prevents them from loading multiple photos, and the truth is that the reason is unknown, you could identify only a few problems associated with them and some fairly quick and easy solutions with which you could complete the publication without problems.

In general, all the problems that could occur on Instagram are related to poor connectivity, so we could perform a kind of «restart» of the connection, ie disconnection from the current network and reconnection, ideally to a Wifi network, because they are usually much more stable and have fewer problems than when we are connected to a mobile data plan.

I can’t upload multiple photos together on Instagram

Connectivity issues prevent the application from running normally, and in this case this is exactly what happens because some options cannot be executed correctly, which would be available when we have a good network connection and can navigate without problems. In the Instagram app.

What we need to do in this case to be able to solve this problem quickly is:

  • Clear the cache
  • Delete the data
  • Restart your mobile phone

By doing the above, the problem should disappear, so it would be advisable to complete the above as soon as any type of problem appears on Instagram, because when you restart it you should not have any inconvenience.

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