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→ Solution: Imperial Smart TV remains on the logo ✔

→ Solution: Imperial Smart TV remains on the logo ✔

Take one Smart TV at home is becoming more common and Imperial Smart TV I am a well-known brand in Peru, being one of the most purchased for the price-quality ratio. You probably have an Imperial Smart TV and it stays in the logo, preventing you from using the device without any problems and enjoying it. Do you want to fix it?, here we will show you the solution.

Imperial Smart TV does not offer videos

When a TV stays in the logo and does not advance, does not give video or audio, it happens because something happens and is usually associated with software problems, which is damaged and needs to be repaired, ideally with a technician or a person. with knowledge that can help you.

In case of Smart TV Branded Imperial There are several specialized technical services of the brand, which could perform a review of the TV and could quickly identify the problem, being able to get a prompt solution and repair it.

The most important thing to know is that, in general, this issue is related to a software issue, which may have an «easy» solution, and if the issue is larger, the device card is likely to be damaged. In case, the solution would be to get a new plate, so you should go directly to a technical service to complete the replacement of the spare part.

Imperial TV does not provide an image

Therefore, if Imperial Smart TV remains on the logo, it may be due to the following:

  • Device software is damaged
  • The device board is damaged

To solve it, the first thing we need to know is which of the two is the problem and it is usually a software issue and the truth is that if this is the case, it could have a slightly easier repair.

What we need to do in this case is to download the TV firmware again, ideally it should be the original, so we recommend that you use someone who has knowledge in this area or a technician who can complete the download and installation later. of this software.

If with the above the problem has not been solved and the TV is still in the logo and does not offer video, it is most likely that the problem is related to the board, if so, unfortunately, the repair could be much more expensive, because in generally the plates are not repaired, but must be replaced with a new one, and this is a high value.

  • Do you have any questions about Imperial Smart TV? Leave us a comment and we will help you soon.