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→ Fingerprint does not work on Samsung A02S 【SOLUTION

→ Fingerprint does not work on Samsung A02S 【SOLUTION

Samsung Galaxy A02S It is one of the most sold devices of the brand, and the price-quality ratio is quite good. If you have this mobile phone, you have probably wondered if it has fingerprint sensor, and so you can unlock the computer screen in this way. Here we will clarify it for you, we will even help you with a problem that several users have had, namely fingerprint on Samsung A02S does not work.

Samsung A02S does not recognize the fingerprint

You should know that this device does have the option to increase the security and privacy of the device by fingerprint, but many users have had trouble using this option because it is unclear whether the device has a fingerprint sensor or whether the problem is to activate it. use.

Whatever the case, you should know that it has a fingerprint sensor, so if this option can be enabled to unlock the screen with this method, we must also point out that it is one of the safest when it comes to prevent handling of the device without authorization.

The fingerprint sensor does not work on Samsung A02S

What you need to do to activate the option is to access the settings, then we’ll explain step by step what you should do so you can enable fingerprint sensor on Samsung Galaxy A02S.

  1. Access the main application menu
  2. Click Settings / Configurations
  3. Click the «Screen lock» option
  4. Select the type of lock and click «Fingerprint»
  5. Complete the fingerprint registration correctly
  6. Intelligent! This device lock method has already been added.

If the problem is different, in which you had the option enabled, but then you can not use it, ie your mobile phone is unlocked with the fingerprint and does not recognize it. If so, you will need to be a little patient, as the sensor may not work and therefore may not be able to recognize the fingerprint you are entering, so we recommend that you first identify the problem and then help with the solutions. possible.

Repair the Samsung Galaxy A02S fingerprint sensor

The issues that may arise are the following:

  • The fingerprint reader is dirty
  • The fingerprint reader is damaged
  • The sensor is disconnected.

All the options mentioned above are the ones that could cause the problem, for this reason it is important to identify the problem and thus find a solution, therefore, if the reader is dirty, the most effective is to try to clean it. with a dry cloth or alcohol, this will remove all impurities and allow him to read the fingerprint and thus unlock it.

If the fingerprint reader is damaged, it may have been caused by a bump or fall, these sensors are very fragile, so if you have suffered a fall or an unexpected bump, it is most likely that the problem is caused by this. thing. reason, and the fingerprint reader is damaged.

In the third case, that the sensor is disconnected, you will hardly be able to notice it, because for this it is necessary to open the device and carefully check its components, including the sensor, which could be disconnected. In this case, we recommend that you go to a specialized technical service, where I can help you review it and thus know whether or not it is. If it is damaged or disconnected, I can connect it or make changes if necessary.