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→ Download the PackStory app for the Go Dancers contest ✔

→ Download the PackStory app for the Go Dancers contest ✔

PackStory is one of the newest applications we could find in the download store of our mobile device, because this application is able to educate, entertain, interact and at the same time allow you to compete in Go Dancers, the contest that has Yogu Yogu, Watt’s and Lonco Leche. Do you want to download the application and use it?, here we will explain step by step so that you can do this.

Go Dancers Competition 2021

This application is quite interactive, and best of all is that it not only works for the current contest, but also serves to learn about certain things that are quite relevant, such as recycling.

PackStory It works with virtual reality and that’s why it works for the contest, because it’s a contest where you have to dance, it’s known as «Go dancers«But, first of all, you will have to download the application, because it is the only way we can scan the code and be part of the contest, which has incredible prizes.

To download the application, all you need is a minimum space in the storage space of your device, which allows you to install the application on your mobile phone, and it is also a requirement to have an Internet connection.

Video recording for the Go Dancers contest


Once you download the application, you can immediately start using it, you will realize that it is very fun and interactive, that you will be able to review the processes of Tetra Pak tapes and, in turn, you will participate in the contest, which many are looking for.

Scan the code to record videos in Go Dancers

If you want to participate in Go Dancers, the steps are as follows:

  1. Open the PackStory application
  2. Scan the code found on the side of the boxes attached to the promotion
  3. Dancing living the experience of augmented reality
  4. Download the video from the app
  5. Search Instagram or TikTok for Go Dancers and follow the account
  6. Upload the downloaded video to your profile as a post and add #godancers and voila! you will already participate.

The prizes for which you can compete are:

  • Play Station 5
  • Smartphone
  • Bluetooth boxing

To find out if you were one of the winners of these incredible prizes, you will have to check Instagram daily, where a kind of «Ranking» will be made that will help you know if you could be one of the winners and the promotion ends on March 31st. and there will be a live broadcast to announce the winners of the Go Dancers contest.